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Courses and Training

Julie Taylor-Browne began keeping camelids in 2000 and quickly realised that she needed to know more about them.  Over the next few years she qualified as an alpaca judge with the British Alpaca society and as a practitioner in both Camelidynamics and Tellington TTouch.

She started giving courses in 2005 and has taught throughout Europe and Scandinavia, becoming one of the very few Camelidynamics Instructors.  She has a Diploma in Animal Behaviour with Edinburgh Veterinary School and has studied clicker training with Alexandra Kurland and Advanced TTouch with Linda Tellington-Jones.

Her desire to improve the human side of the camelid/human relationship also led her to train in Tag Teach and Feldenkrais.

She has written extensively on camelid training and handling and founded CamelidSense in 2012 in order to deliver her own brand of camelid training whilst holding true to the ideals and spirit of Camelidynamics. Julie lives in the beautiful south-west of England where she runs courses in her purpose built facilities. 

CamelidSense courses offer a way of learning about camelid behaviour which is rooted in animal behaviour science and many years of experience with camelids and other animals. We aim to offer you an informative and fun way of learning which will change the way you view your animals and your relationship to them. 

On CamelidSense courses we will show you how to catch, halter and lead your animal in the kindest possible way, as well as how to raise easy cooperative babies and perform medical and husbandry tasks without having to 'wrestle' your camelids!  

If you want to learn more about these methods contact us about training your camelids, come on a course (see below) or have a look on our online store for books, equipment, DVDs and CDs. 

  • We offer the following:

    • One and Two day Basic Handling and husbandry CamelidSense Workshops. Click here for details.

    • One and Two day Refresh and Improve Workshops. Click here for details. 

    • The Three day Camelid Complete Course. Ideal for beginners and those seeking to refresh and improve! Click here for details.

    • One-to-one private training 

    • Small group training 

    • TTEAM training for horses, mules and ponies

    • One day 'new and prospective owner courses’, including selecting your first animals. 

    • Half day alpaca husbandry 

    • Showing courses and half day conformation

    • Introduction to Alpacas and llamas - Fun, fleece and husbandry. Click here for details. 

    • Fleece assessment courses, skirting and spinning, 

    • Courses tailor made to you.

    These are usually delivered at Carthvean Farm. We are located near Helston in Cornwall and believe that combining a sightseeing trip to Cornwall with a fun and informative CamelidSense Course makes the ideal break.

    See our recommended accommodation list here.  CamelidSense methods apply equally well to llamas and alpacas. We welcome llama owners on all courses and have a number of llamas on the farm that we employ on training courses here!  

    How to Book and costs: 
    Give me a ring or email to discuss what sort of course you want. Most people want the two day husbandry and handling course although we can tweak the format to meet your needs. We then look for some mutually convenient dates - I offer weekdays as well as weekends.



    Dear Julie, I just wanted to make contact to say how much a difference the course I did last September has made.  We now have 18 alpacas, I have just spent the morning with my helper trimming toenails and all has gone smoothly.  The one alpaca who has been a problem is now calm and lets me do his toenail, this has come about as we have been bandaging his neck and he is a different animal once its on. Before I came on the course it would have taken me twice as long with just 4 rather wild alpacas, supposedly pet boys!  All apart from the original four and the new babies are halter trained and the three last years babies go out for regular walks. Thanks again. Caroline Oakes, Shropshire.


    'The course was an excellent balance of theory and practical and has given us the tools, knowledge and confidence to handle our animals much more effectively.  Julie's friendly and supportive style made for a fun, informative and enjoyable day'. Tregathenan Alpacas.


    ‘Thanks again for such a well put together, controlled and informative course’. 
    Gail Beaumont, Summer Wine Alpacas, Holmfirth, Yorks.


    'Thank you for a brilliant 2 day course. I have to admit I was very sceptical about the whole thing and had been bamboozled by my husband into attending. I am so glad I did! The big breakthrough was with Lima our older, pregnant female, who has never been caught in about 4 years, hates the sight of ropes etc. I managed with the help of the wand and catch rope to not only catch her but to do some TTouch as well, she burped, blinked slowly and rested her head against me!! WOW!! What a difference a day makes. So Julie, a huge thank you, I think we will now have a happier group of llamas'. Vicki Woodward. Ashwood Llamas, Devon.


    'After several years of grabbing and gripping, and a lot of show of force in dealing with my animals – that is how I learned it after all - without visible result, I reached the point where I had enough. OK, these beautiful animals were in my field, but that was it. Again and again, each time I had to handle them, the slowly built up confidence shattered at the slightest manipulation. I was getting better at seizing them and keeping them under control, but it felt wrong. Alpacas were really not for me. I did not like it anymore and they certainly did not. Several times I found myself wandering if I should give up on them and return to keeping sheep.

    Until one day, a friend told me about a Camelidynamics Clinic she followed.  I had already read about it, but it is hardly something you learn from a book. With my (unfortunately) innate scepticisms I had the idea of "yeah right" and to be honest I also dreaded the distance and the costs of the clinic a little. Anyway, I decided to try it. Even if it was just to convince myself that after all, I had tried everything I could when I gave up on keeping alpacas.

     Result: You CAN enjoy your alpacas and you should not struggle with them to tend them. My alpacas aren’t going ANYWHERE and I am now finally enjoying them. Jim Pauwels, Suave Alpacas, Belgium. 


    'I was relieved to find such good techniques so early on. It would have been too nerve racking to wrestle with them and their worried looks for much longer. I shall be looking out for more Camelidynamics sessions and Tteam is also a priority on my list of things to explore. Anna Sirech, Louchats, France. 

    'Just a quick email to say thank you for the training weekend, I had the best time ever. I won't bore you with details of my little moments of success, but I am having them, and it is really encouraging to see the changes in my llamas. Carole Parsons, Yeovil, UK.

    I cannot thank you enough for transforming my lovely but badly behaved boys into the responsive and co-operative companions that I had always hoped they could be and moreover transforming me into a confident, even competent alpaca handler. I would never have believed that so much could be achieved in just one afternoon and I would unreservedly recommend, you, Camelidynamics and Ttouch to anyone owning alpacas'. 
    Angela Stuart, Herefordshire.