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handshears holster


Hand Shears

Are you ready for a paradigm shift in shearing? These Hand shears are the absolute best tool for the job!  At 10 ounces they are light and extremely easy to use. The 6" carbon steel blades are extremely sharp and so easy to use it feels like you are using a much shorter blade. And the very best news... they are largely self sharpening!

"Thank you for sending the 'new style' hand shears so promptly. They are excellent. I certainly put them to the test. I had to shear a very tall 13 year old gelding llama. He had never been shorn before and his coat was completely felted and extremely thick. Nothing like having the right tools for the job, I was able to complete the job in about 40 minutes and the fleece weighed in at just over 3 kilos.

The llama was very tolerant of the process, I followed Marty's method of shearing as demonstrated in the Wonderful World of Lama Wool, allowing the llama to move around having the lead attached to the nearside of the halter and placing the line over my arms behind me. As her DVD shows the animal settled very well and stood for me." Jane Richardson



Get one of these! Wear your shears on your belt. You will not only feel like a gunslinger from the Wild West, but your shears will be right where you can find them when you need them. High quality handmade leather. 

#051 Shears Only


#052 Holster Only

#053 Shears-Holster COMBO
















nipper holster

Toenail Nippers

Many toenail nippers are too big and awkward to accommodate a small hand. These nippers are sturdy enough to do the job but work with smaller hands too. These are the ideal nippers for trimming toenails on the ground. Toenail trimming techniques are demonstrated in both the Teaching Your Llama to Pack and the Camelid Handling Secrets videos and explained in detail in The Camelid Companion.


Nothing is more frustrating than to have your animal’s foot right where you want it only to have your nippers just out of reach. Buy a holster with your nippers, get a discount and always have them right where you need. The holster is now designed so that it can be worn on either the belt or the leg. Wear your holster on your leg and not only will your nippers be right where you need them, but you can get at them a whole lot easier.

#054 Nippers Only

#055 Holster Only

#056 Nippers-Holster COMBO










Drenching syringe

Quality drenching syringe and nozzle ideal for camelids. Screw on stainless steel nozzle for easy cleaning. 10ml, 30ml or 50ml

#056b £18.50

Incredible Flying Feeding Dish

It looks like a frisbee but, turn it upside down, and it is a handy, light and fun feeding dish. Use it for training or fun.

Colours: Yellow, Blue,








boar bristle brush

Boar Bristle Brush

Sturdy and useful, this brush is the perfect tool to groom your llama or alpaca.

The boar bristle brush will remove debris without pulling on the fleece, so it will not irritate your animal.

He will therefore be easier to groom and will not develop undesirable behaviors associated with unpleasant grooming.

helping head

The Helping Head

This useful creature will patiently help you learn and perfect your haltering, and catching techniques saving the patience of the real critters in the barn. The helping head is life size and wears a medium alpaca halter.

Whether you are a new handler and want to practice your technique, working with your clients or demonstrating at show you will not want to be without a few helping heads.

#064 £25.00